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    LVF s.p.a., wished to inform all the customers that recently some episodes of counterfeit and infringements of rights, related to LVF products, have been ascertained. In particular, some valves never produced nor authorized by LVF have been found circulating - especially in the Eastern market - with counterfeit LVF trademark (also marked ˇ°Italyˇ± or ˇ°made in Italyˇ±). Some of them were sold with false test certificates. It is clear that such valves are not produced under LVF quality control and LVF can not be held liable for any defect or fault that may affect them. Thus LVF, whose main concern has always been to assure to its customers the highest standards of quality, remains always at their disposal. In any case of uncertainty about valves marked LVF, please do not hesitate to send an email to info@lvf.it <mailto:info@lvf.it>, where you will be able to receive the necessary information.

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