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    Brooks Instrument has introduced four new level measurement products that compliment the Magnetic Level Gauge (MLG) series. The MC1000 Continuous Level Transmitter is a continuous level measurement device that can be used as a stand-alone product or as an option on 810 MLG series. With versatile construction (316SS, PVC, or PVDF), the MC1000 comes with either flanged or threaded tank connections providing flexible mounting options. It features two-wire 4-20mA interface and an available HART interface option. The ANV/ANH Point Level Switch, offered in vertical (Series ANV) or horizontal (Series ANG) level switches, is designed to detect level variations and activate alarms accordingly. It can be used for normal, corrosive, or hazardous liquids and is certified explosion-proof or intrinsically safe. The MR783 Multi-Point Level Switch features versatile construction (316SS, PVC, or PVDF). It is certified explosion-proof or intrinsically safe and is capable of indicating more than one level per tank and triggers alarms accordingly. Lastly the CCB311 Flow Switch is designed to detect low flows in horizontal or vertical pipes with an upward flow direction. The CCB311 flow switch is suitable for liquids for gases and certified explosion-proof or intrinsically safe.

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