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  • China's grain output to top 500 mln tonnes in 2009
    Informed Sources:people daily    

    China's grain output is expected to top 500 million tonnes for the third consecutive year in 2009, said an official from the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) Monday.

    The country's planting area was expected to increase 34 million mu (2.27 million hectares) this year, the biggest rise since 2006,which was a major contributor to this year's grain production growth, said Ye Zhenqin, director with the Planting Industry Management Department of the MOA, at a press conference.

    The growth was achieved under various difficulties including the fluctuations on farm produce market and impact of the international financial crises, unprecedented droughts, and frequent plant diseases and insect pests, according to Ye.

    Ye said the country's whole year output for oilseed would rise by at least 3 percent year on year in 2009, but the planting areas and output for cotton would both drop by more than 10 percent from a year earlier due to the global financial crises and natural disasters.

    The overall situation of the planting industry this year is encouraging, which would contribute 100 yuan (14.64 U.S. dollars), or 30 percent, to the per capita income of farmers nationwide, according to Ye.

    Source: Xinhua

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